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St. Louis and surrounding communities


Greater St. Louis is best known for its friendly residents, outstanding educational opportunities, growing economy, and close-knit communities. More than two million people live in the Greater St. Louis area, which spans 6,375 square miles. A diverse region economically, socially, and geographically, this area is filled with communities that are thriving and residents who are proud to call St. Louis their home.

Newcomers to St. Louis will find a pleasing blend of both rural scenery and urban convenience. The city lies on a large bend of the legendary Mississippi River, boasting a panoramic riverfront dotted with low bluffs and spectacular vistas. Stretching for nearly 20 miles, the riverfront is not only reminiscent of the city's riverport heritage but continues to contribute to the character and charm of this vibrant metropolis.

The residents of Greater St. Louis enjoy four distinct seasons that move through brisk winters, balmy summers, cool falls, and delightful springs. The beauty of each season is evident in the rich green river valleys during the warm summer months and the gold and auburn treetops each autumn, as well as the moderate snowfall each winter and the colorful flowers that blossom each spring.